Door of Mercy

Jan 31, 2016

BIshop Donald Kettler has designated the Divine Mercy Shrine at St. Paul's Church as a place of pilgrimage during this Jubilee Year of Mercy.  

Ceremony and Mass will happen on Feb 14th, starting at 4:00PM with reception to follow in St. Paul's basement. 


  • Michael ThomasPosted on 3/22/16

    That was a beautiful post, thank you for adding to our community.

  • Sheri StreasickPosted on 2/28/16

    The Holy Spirit work in wonderful ways. I attended a Lenten retreat in Richmond. Didn't allow myself enough time -- so didn't make it on time for mass and communion. At silent prayer time at the end of the day, I waited til the end because there were so many people waiting for confession. Well, the session ended before I could make my confession. So I missed out on both sacraments -- or so I thought. As I planned, I stopped at St Paul's to do a pilgrimage to the Divine Mercy Holy Door. Wouldn't you know, there was confession before mass and I was able to attend the 4pm mass and receive communion! What a great day. I live north of Alexandria and attend Our Lady of Seven Dolors church in Millerville. Thank you, folks at St Paul's, for your hospitality.